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Blackwell High School Track & Field Results

Roby High School track competed at the Blackwell Hornet Relays.  The results are below:

Blackwell Relays Results
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Villagomez Competes at Regional Powerlifting

Jessy Villagomez competed in the Regional Powerlifting Meet in Sundown on March 11th where he placed 4th in the 220lb class.  He had a total of 1330lbs (515 in squat, 295 in bench, and 535 in deadlift).

Lions Claim District Championship

Roby High School boys varsity team defeated Rule, 66-51, to take the District Championship.  Lion were lead in scoring by Kyler Covington with 23 points and Landon Estes with 19 points.  Other scorers for the Lions were Cory Mauldin with 9 points, Josahia Salinas with 8 points, and Lane Byers with 8 points.  Lions will have a bye in for the Bi-District round.  Next game details will be coming at a later date.

Box Score
Rule    10-19-11-11     51
Roby     20-11-15-20     66

Powerlifters Compete in Clyde

Roby High School powerlifters competed in Clyde this week and had a very good showing.  The following are the results.

Jessy Villagomez placed 3rd in 220 class with a total of 1,300 pounds (505 pound squat, 280 pound bench, and a 515 pound deadlift).Shawn Howell placed 6th in 181 class with a total of 995 pounds (400 pound squat, 185 pound bench, 410 pound deadlift).Julio Acevedo placed 7th with a total of 910 pounds (360 pound squat, 185 pound bench, 365 pound deadlift)

Lions Defeat Trent Still Seeking Championship

Lions were in action Tuesday night in Trent where they defeated the Gorillas 68-45.  Lions were led by Kyler Covington with 25 points.  Other scorers for the Lions were Landon Estes with 14 points, Josahia Salinas with 8 points, Lane Byers with 6 points, Andrew Benavides with 6 points, Taylor Smith with 5 points, and Cory Mauldin with 4 points.  Lions will finish up district play in Rule on Friday where they will be playing for the District Championship.

Box Score
Trent     11-12-8-14     45
Roby     13-20-17-18     68